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Speaker of the House Update


Art Harman

in Current Affairs Posted on 

10/24/2023 01:13 PM

RINO GOP Majority Whip Tom Emmer beat semi-RINO Johnson for Speaker, 117 to 97. Floor vote to come. Remember the Reps who blocked Steve Scalise, who’s not perfect, but was the best we could have had. And remember, when the primaries roll around, the importance of electing Republicans who represent sane grassroots Republican voters rather than the party Establishment that doesn’t care what you think.

TCC’s calculation of the voting records of the nine who ran for Speaker in this round (the higher the score, the better).

  • Bergman 47

  • Emmer 52 <winner>

  • Austin Scott 56

  • Meuser 58

  • Sessions 71

  • Mike Johnson 72 <runner-up>

  • Palmer 87

  • Hern 90

  • Donalds 99

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