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April 6, 2024
March 27 2024

Biden’s State of the Union: Hatred and Lies

March 8, 2024


All Americans should be worried about the psychological warfare contained in President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech. It is all about hatred and lies, and YOU are the target.

Let’s look at some of the incendiary language that he used.

Within his first minute, he went directly to Hitler, mentioning in the context of President Franklin D. Roosevelt that “Hitler was on the march.” This is amplifying the Left’s propaganda line that President Donald Trump is ‘literally Hitler,’ and that all Trump supporters are fascists. That is why that line is there, right at the very start.

Seconds later he started the first of many mentions that “Freedom and democracy were under assault in the world.” That was also in the context of World War II, but Biden immediately tied that to President Trump and his supporters, saying that “freedom and democracy are under attack both at home and overseas.”

The Democratic Party of course is using the most undemocratic means to deny Americans the right to vote for the candidates of their choice, as seen in countries like Russia and Venezuela. Trying to remove Trump from the ballot and using lawfare to find him guilty of invented crimes.

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Trump Wins Big 

January 19, 2024


TRUMP WINS BIG: In the Iowa Republican Caucus, the first vote in the 2024 presidential campaign, former President Donald Trump won in a history-making landslide. Trump received an absolute majority of the vote, beating his closest opponent, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, by almost 30 points.

The previous record margin for a Republican in a contested primary was 12.8% by Kansas Senator Bob Dole in 1996.

Trump won 98 of 99 counties, losing the 99th county by a single vote.

The final results, with 1,215 delegates needed for the nomination:

  • Trump 56,260 votes (51%), 20 delegates.

  • Ron DeSantis, 23,420 votes (21.2%), 9 delegates.

  • Nikki Haley, 21,085 (19.1%), 8 delegates.

  • Vivek Ramaswamy, 8,449 (7.7%), 3 delegates.

…followed by Ryan Binkley, 774 votes (0.7%), Asa Hutchinson (191), 0.2%, and Chris Christie, 35 votes (0.03%).


Christie had withdrawn before the vote. Ramaswamy and Hutchinson suspended their campaigns after results came in, with Ramaswamy endorsing Trump and traveling to New Hampshire to speak at a rally with the former president.

More than 110,000 people voted, despite below-zero temperatures with wind-chill factors in the minus-30s. The high temperature on Monday in Des Moines was 15 degrees colder than the previous coldest Caucus Day. Cold temperatures probably helped Trump and, to a lesser extent, DeSantis. They both exceeded their results in the final pre-Caucus poll by the Des Moines Register, which had put Trump at 48%, Haley at 20%, and DeSantis at 16%. But 88% of Trump’s supporters said they were very or extremely enthusiastic to support their candidate, compared to 69% of DeSantis supporters and only 39% of Haley’s supporters (who, it’s fair to say, mainly just disliked Trump).

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