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Term-Limits Update

Pew Research that showed that 87% of people believe there should be term limits for members of Congress.

But even with this overwhelming support, adoption of this important measure will be dependent on grassroots volunteers who can communicate their views to members of Congress.  However, another national survey from Scott Rasmussen indicated that only 15% of voters have even met their elected officials in the House of Representatives or the Senate.


The challenge in passing this legislation is made more difficult because it will take a constitutional amendment.  In order to pass constitutional amendments, it takes a 2/3rd majority vote in the House and a 2/3rd majority vote in the Senate, followed by ratification of 3/4th of the state legislatures.  (The President does not have a role in the constitutional amendment process.)

Once term limits are passed by the House and Senate, the state legislatures will quickly ratify them. The problem is getting the 2/3rd majority votes in both houses of Congress. Most members do not want to have their terms limited.  They want to continue to serve for many decades.


But when they hear from 87% of the voters, they will be forced to vote for term limits anyway.


There have been 7 proposed constitutional amendments introduced in this legislative session, 1 in the Senate and 6 in the House.



Please check to see if either of the 2 senators from your state is a cosponsor.  If so, thank them.  If not, let them know you would like for them to become a cosponsor.


The House proposals are:



When the legislators hear from you by phone, e-mail, letter, or personal contact, that will influence them to move in the right direction.  

It frequently takes several sessions of Congress to pass major bills, so we need to think of the long-range big picture.  As the old saying goes, “A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”  We’ve certainly taken more than a single step for term limitations, but there are more steps that can be taken this year and, if necessary, in following years.

Please consider becoming a Grasssroots Volunteer with The Conservative Caucus. Your voice and commitment to conservative values are vital in our mission to promote and protect the principles that make America great.


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