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Conservative Events For April 2024

The Conservative Caucus’s master calendar of conservative events features events of national, state, or regional interest. Send us your items to be listed!


Saturday, April 13 “Don’t mess with our kids” rallies at state capitols: Gather to pray, take communion, and stand for truth in every state capitol and Washington, D.C. The attack on our children has gone too far. Moms, grandmas, aunts, sisters, and many more have had enough. It's time to take a stand in prayer, fasting, and using our voices! Each state will gather from 1-3pm in their time zone.


April 11-14: Virginia GOP Advance

April 12-21: The Leadership Institute: Campaign Leadership College

April 18-20: Washington Republican party state convention

May 1: New Mexico Republican convention

May 2-4: The Black Conservative Summit 2024: in Washington D.C.

May 18: Montana Republican convention

May 23-25: Texas Republican party state convention

May 17-19: NRA Annual Conference in Dallas

May 31-June 1: Republican Party of Virginia state convention


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