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Visit Your Representatives

TCC’s National Field Director, Art Kelly offers a reminder to visit your elected representatives, both local and federal.

A new Rasmussen poll has found that “only 15% of voters have met their own representative in Congress. The national survey found that 81% have not, and 4% are unsure.  

It also found that 49% believe it is unlikely their representative in Congress would meet with them to discuss an issue they cared deeply about and would give serious consideration to their views. Just 35% think they would be likely to secure such a meeting.”

The fact is you can meet with your elected representatives to discuss an issue you care deeply about, and they may give serious consideration to your views—it’s easier than you think.


Call or email the offices of your local officials, as well as your state and federal representatives. Your U.S. senator and representative will have a few offices in your region, and when they are home, will meet with constituents as their schedules allow. A group of your fellow citizens may have an even better chance at getting a meeting. Just keep your remarks concise and focused on your issue. Don’t load them up with heavy reading; just leave them a one-pager summarizing your points along with your contact information.

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