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The Conservative Caucus’s master calendar of conservative events features events of national, state, or regional interest. Send us your items to be listed!


Saturday, April 13 “Don’t mess with our kids” rallies at state capitols: Gather to pray, take communion, and stand for truth in every state capitol and Washington, D.C. The attack on our children has gone too far. Moms, grandmas, aunts, sisters, and many more have had enough. It's time to take a stand in prayer, fasting, and using our voices! Each state will gather from 1-3pm in their time zone.


April 11-14: Virginia GOP Advance

April 12-21: The Leadership Institute: Campaign Leadership College

April 18-20: Washington Republican party state convention

May 1: New Mexico Republican convention

May 2-4: The Black Conservative Summit 2024: in Washington D.C.

May 18: Montana Republican convention

May 23-25: Texas Republican party state convention

May 17-19: NRA Annual Conference in Dallas

May 31-June 1: Republican Party of Virginia state convention


Imagine this: You go on vacation and return to find a group of illegals have locked you out of your own home, stolen your property, and trashed the house. And they won’t leave. Or your rental property got taken over while you are seeking a new tenant.

This nightmare scenario is becoming a reality across the country, as illegals and homeless have discovered they can claim ‘squatter’s rights’ to your property.

They even instruct others how to do it on social media. A Venezuelan illegal invaded a home in Ohio, and got more than a million views on TikTok encouraging illegals that "if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it."

The scam often involves creating a fake lease to show police and claim they are renting the home. In many states, the courts will side with the invaders, not you and your family, even with an obviously fake lease. You’ll then be forced to undergo a long and expensive legal eviction battle before even being allowed back inside your own property.

From Newsweek: “In New York City, squatters cannot be easily removed from the property if they have been living in it for 30 days, as landlords must then navigate the city's eviction laws—entering a process that can take about two years to be completed. Before the process ends, owners cannot change the locks on the squatters or remove their belongings. If someone claims to be a tenant, they cannot be arrested for trespassing.”

This tactic is different from what is more commonly thought of as ‘squatter’ or ‘adversarial possession’ laws, which are measured in many years of uncontested possession.


You can count on Soros prosecutors and judges to take the side of the illegal squatters.


Some states, like Texas and Florida, will protect you instead of the criminals. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said it best:

“@GregAbbott_TX - In Texas, anyone "squatting" in your home is breaking the law. They are criminals violating TX laws like criminal trespass & criminal mischief (Tex. Penal Code 30.05 & 28.03). Also, the Texas Castle Doctrine empowers Texans to use force to defend themselves & their property.”

The same Democrat leaders that make cities and states into sanctuaries for illegals want your home to be their next sanctuary. The Washington Post calls these home invasions just “a right-wing talking point,” which means it’s becoming so serious that they must cover it up.


You should learn and defend your rights. Find out if your city and state have pro-squatter’s rights laws or if the police and courts will protect you. Talk to your city leaders and state representatives. If you don’t have unqualified rights to have trespassers or squatters removed immediately by police, demand they change laws to protect you. Make it go viral on social media.


In the meantime, when you are away from your home, have your neighbors keep an eye on it, make sure it looks lived in, and has locks, lights, alarms, and cameras. 


Since January, over two million new voters were registered in just three states. Arizona: 220,731, Pennsylvania: 580,513, and Texas: 1,250,710.


Where did so many new voters come from so suddenly? It’s not hard to figure out. There are many reasons Democrats want millions of illegals to invade America, including cheap labor that replaces American workers, creating millions more welfare dependents, and increasing crime to make people afraid and compliant.


However, the strategic reason for flooding America with tens of millions of illegals is to get tens of millions of new voters. To steal the election in an apparently legal way that results in a one-party state.

But it’s illegal for illegals to vote, right? Here’s how the scam might be working. Under the “motor voter” law, anyone can register to vote without government ID and with easily-forgeable utility bills, and just signing a line that they are a citizen. 

Many states have similarly lax rules that make it easy for illegals to get a state ID card or driver's license.  Will Soros prosecutors pursue those falsely registering? You can guess the answer.

The federal voting registration form shows how it is easy for illegals or fake voters to get registered, and proof of citizenship isn’t necessary.


“If you have neither a driver's license nor a social security number, please indicate this on the form and a number will be assigned to you by your state. Proof of identification includes: a current and valid photo identification or a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or government document that shows your name and address.”

President Biden signed an Executive Order in February to pay radical activists to register voters, in a possible violation of the Hatch Act. Vice President Harris lauded this, stating “we have under the Federal Work-Study program now allow students to get paid through Federal Work-Study to register people and to be non-partisan poll workers.” [Grammar is the VP’s]

To be clear, our side has been getting busy registering more voters, getting people to vote early, and even doing ballot harvesting where legal. But the above numbers appear to be in excess of what GOP activists could accomplish so rapidly.


Once illegals are registered, then it gets easy. Radical leftist activists, taxpayer-subsidized non-profits, unions, and other groups will visit new voters, especially those they believe are new illegal immigrants. They’ll do ballot harvesting and other legal and illegal practices to get those votes cast.


Then when the next census is taken, unless we can ban counting non-citizens, the tens of millions of illegals will give illegal-heavy states even more congressional districts.


While the Democrats are registering millions of voters, we must out-register them to win. This week, we’re asking everyone to find just one friend or social media acquaintance who isn’t registered and to get them signed up. Or ask your friends to find someone they know who isn’t registered.


If you want to take it to the next level, talk to folks at church, go to a gun show or other gathering place likely to include conservatives and spread the word.


Here’s the link to the universal voter registration form. Post it on social media and email or text it to family and friends:


SIGN UP: Join TCC’s field grassroots network to learn how you can help restore constitutional government with a few hours a month. Sign up at: or contact Art Kelly at 


DONATE: Your donation matters more than ever in this election year. Please support our efforts today with a donation.

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