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Trump vs. Biden: The Debate

Today (Thursday the 27th), you’ll witness a fascinating presidential debate. Run by CNN, this might be the most ‘rigged’ debate ever. You can expect Biden will be heavily drugged to be alert, and drilled to answer questions provided to Biden’s team or written by the White House staff. Biden and the ‘moderators’ will tell blatant lies and use hate-speech words like ‘convicted felon,’ ‘threat to democracy, and ‘Nazi.’ They may cut Trump’s mic if he’s making a good point. 

But we know President Trump! He’ll be dynamic, witty and run circles around Biden. Afterwards, the media will in unison claim Trump lost, but those who watch it will know the truth. In the 1980 debate, Ronald Reagan won it by responding to some boring argument by Jimmy Carter with a simple, “there you go again.” Trump is the master of such retorts.

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