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Christopher Bedford writes at Blaze Media that “Democrats have become the most powerful minority in congressional history.”

 Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-La.) had long struggled with a slim majority (whining about it is among his favorite party tricks), but after the foreign aid bill, he is now effectively the head of a center-left coalition — one that’s promised to protect him from being ousted by his own colleagues.

The real fight brewing is the 2025 budget. Johnson’s new Democratic friends will be eager to load an omnibus up with earmarks that will hamstring any future potential Trump administration, and Republican hawks are eager to help so long as they get more money for Ukraine and other war projects. That sort of move would hobble former President Donald Trump’s first year in office, were he to win in November.

With a razor-thin GOP majority, Democrats have extraordinary leverage to extract concessions from Speaker Johnson.

Here’s how you can help. To prevent a Democrat-led House or a slim GOP majority ruled by RINOs and never-Trumpers, we must elect a strong majority of conservatives in the House and Senate. Then we can actually cut the budget, build the wall, deport Biden’s illegals and offer President Trump full support to restore America.

No matter how many people you’ve gotten to register and vote in the past, please double it this year. Use your social media and speak up at your church and civic groups. That might seem like a drop in the bucket, but if we can get a million people just like you, we might get ten million new voters registered.

Sign up for our grassroots volunteer network to learn more things you can do.

That’s the recipe to build the Congressional majorities we need and to make sure President Trump wins.

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