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Most Democrat voters are not radical socialists. But politicians using the Democrat name have become radical socialists dedicated to turning America into China. Here’s some of the ways they don’t represent your values anymore.


Democrat politicians believe we should have no borders and that illegal aliens should be granted full U.S. citizenship and voting rights. The truth is that Democrat politicians opened the border to bring in tens of millions of unscreened illegal immigrants who will vote Democrat and may have no respect for our Constitution and rights. 


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Democrat politicians believe gas prices should be higher to force people into buying electric cars, and will force everyone to drive an EV.  The truth is that Democrat politicians are working to end America’s freedom of mobility; to drive anywhere you want in your gas car. Why? EV use will be rationed and tracked by the government. 


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Democrat politicians believe unlimited welfare state spending doesn’t cause the massive inflation that’s hurting all American families. The truth is that Democrat politicians want you to be dependent on government ‘benefits’ so you’ll vote for more, and vote against anyone who would cut the handouts.


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Democrat politicians believe in the extreme position that abortion should be legal and unlimited right up to the moment of birth. The truth is life begins at conception, but Democrat politicians refuse even the most mild limits–and profit from donations from abortionists.


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Democrat politicians say that to stop crime that all firearms should be banned and confiscated from law-abiding Americans. The truth is armed citizens deter crime and disarmed families end up dead. Criminals never turn in their guns.


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Democrat politicians believe the courts and justice system should be used against their political enemies. The truth is lawfare is destroying our system of justice for everyone. Political prosecutors and courts with political juries will bring Chinese-type ‘kangaroo courts’ even to your city. 


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Democrat politicians believe school boards and politicians, not parents, should control our children. The truth is public schools are teaching kids to be anti-American socialists and hate their parents, race and gender. We must regain control of our local schools.


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Democrat politicians believe men can be women and women can be men, and your children must be so indoctrinated. The truth is our children are being mutilated and mentally tortured. They are being taught to hate their bodies, and once the imposed dream wears off, they are tortured again by being unable to reverse the damage. 


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Democrat politicians believe America should support Ukraine without end. The truth is the Biden family made millions from the corrupt Ukrainian government, invited the war and refused to settle it on good terms. President Trump plans to end the war in 24 hours.


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Democrat politicians believe America should force Israel to surrender its war on Hamas. The truth is Biden is on the side of the Hamas terrorists and Iran, and is trying to overthrow Netanyahu during the war. The only democracy in the Middle East must be allowed to win the war.


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Democrat politicians believe Communist China is peaceful and we should accommodate their goals.

The truth is that the Biden family and disloyal corporations enriched themselves from Chinese trade. They see China’s controlled society as their goal and turn a blind eye to China’s industrial piracy and war plans.


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Democrat politicians believe our enemies want to be our friends and can be appeased; and we don’t need a strong defense. The truth is Presidents Reagan and Trump were called ‘warmongers’ by the Democrats, but actually brought peace and freedom around the world, while the appeasement by Obama and Biden brought war and tyranny.


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Democrat politicians believe people must be allowed to vote without an ID card, and believe Democrat voters are incapable of getting an ID. The truth is Democrat politicians rely on voter fraud to win, and allowing voting without an ID is a broad invitation for fraud.


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Democrat politicians believe the answer to crime is to defund the police and go easy on criminals. The truth is Democrat politicians made our cities into battlegrounds by defunding police and refusing to prosecute criminals. The victims are mostly the poor and minorities.  


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Democrat politicians believe speech should be controlled and regulated to prevent hatred. The truth is Democrat politicians use censorship to silence their opposition, just like in dictatorships. The First Amendment must be preserved or we will be effectively enslaved.


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Democrat politicians believe America is an evil country founded on racism. The truth is that’s a lie so they can brand our Constitution as irreparably racist and therefore must be trashed and replaced with a document that eliminates our rights..


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The truth is Democrat politicians abandoned you and your values, in spite of their rhetoric. Look behind the Democrat politicians' words to their actions that are destroying our country and making you more unsafe. Learn the truth, and don’t compromise your own beliefs and understand that when Democrat politicians claim they are ‘saving democracy,’ that really means destroying democracy and our way of life.


Here at The Conservative Caucus, our goal is to embolden you to advocate for what is right. We are devoted to steering our country back to the Conservative principles that underpin its greatness. Our mission is to create a grassroots conservative network, uniting people of widely varying backgrounds in peaceable defense of our country, our Constitution, and our common values rooted in liberty and equal rights. Our oath to you is that as an organization we will never waiver from our beliefs, and will always stand for what is right. We will be steadfast in our loyalty to God, Country, and Constitution.


We welcome you to join our mission! Now is the time to turn your passion into action. Get your Citizen Action Kit and become a member of The Center for Conservative Activism and you'll be at the forefront of defending Conservative values and shaping our nation's future. The Citizen Action Kit is a simple guide designed to teach you how to lobby your Congress—an important and effective tool in catalyzing change. 


At The Center for Conservative Activism, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources—from educational materials on constitutional history to practical grassroots strategies. Additionally, you'll connect with like-minded individuals and seasoned activists, creating a network of valuable connections. These combined resources and connections are designed to equip you for effective action in advancing conservative principles and making a meaningful impact in your local community, state, and on the national level.  


Click HERE to claim your Citizen Action Kit and membership for FREE ($297 Value) and help our country Reclaim Our Conservative Values. (


Click HERE to make a donation to our Stand With Trump campaign. Your donation to The Conservative Caucus is more than a financial contribution. It's a stand for the principles that have made our nation great: liberty, prosperity, and the rule of law. When you give, you're not just supporting an organization. You're supporting a return to the foundational ideals that have guided our country from the very beginning.


Let's get started - Team TCC



Trump’s Key Swing States: These are the states most likely to give President Trump the victory: Arizona, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

We have the historic opportunity to cancel Biden’s destructive executive orders, to finish building the wall, to deport Biden’s illegal aliens, to cut spending and abolish agencies, to restore safety to our cities, and bring jobs home from China.

Our campaign—and it’s really YOUR campaign because we are making it easy for you to be a volunteer in your spare time, will contrast the records of Trump’s incredible accomplishments with Biden’s catastrophes that made groceries and gas unaffordable, invited millions of illegals to invade America, brought crime and drugs to even small towns, invited foreign wars.

While the polls look very favorable, we know the Democrats will do any tricks they can to try to win. So it’s not enough to win a state by a percent or two; we’ll need to win by 3-5% to make sure when they count mail-in ballots received after election day and do any imaginable tricks, that we’ll still have a majority.

But we must work harder than ever, because the radical judges and Soros prosecutors are determined to find President Trump guilty of fake crimes or even thrown in jail. We’ll be spreading the truth through every means possible to counter all the lies and hate coming from Biden, the media and the ‘kangaroo courts.’

As part of our campaign, we’ll be running viral videos around the country (that you can share) as well as other key communications, registering voters, working to help everyone vote early, and help you get bumper stickers and other supplies.


However, safe or hopeless other states may appear to be, they can switch because of the volunteer efforts of Americans like yourself.





Start with your family and friends. Make sure they are registered to vote and will vote early. Download the universal voter registration form HERE.


Your social media is more valuable than paid ads because it’s you influencing your online friends who follow and appreciate your posts. Please share this page. And if just ten of your friends and social media friends each register just one new voter, you’ll have made a difference that matters.

Sign up HERE as a Grassroots Volunteer, and we’ll send you action alerts with easy projects, as well as news about how we can win this year. We both share the goal to reelect President Trump and win conservative majorities in the House and Senate.

Consider DONATING to help us win a conservative, Republican majority in the U.S. Senate. Many of our targeted Senate races are also in states President Trump must win. Our races: Arizona (Open Seat) (AZ), Michigan (Open Seat) (MI) and Jon Tester (D-MT). Jacky Rosen (D-NV), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Bob Casey, Jr. (D-PA), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Joe Manchin (D-WV).


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Our mission is to create a grassroots conservative network, uniting people of widely varying backgrounds in peaceable defense of our country, our Constitution, and our common values rooted in liberty and equal rights.

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