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World's Largest Thank You to President Trump



Dear Mr. President,

I want to “Thank You” for all you did to Make America Great Again during your first term as President.

You promised to create the strongest economy ever, and you did. You promised to rebuild our military and secure our borders, and you did. You promised to stand up to China . . . protect Medicare and Social Security . . . defend freedom of speech and religious liberty . . .  nominate originalist Supreme Court and more . . .  and you kept all your promises.

I know the hateful, dishonest and fatally biased media will never give you credit or thank you for these remarkable accomplishments, but millions of Americans, including me, will and do, and in time, so will history.

I Pledge to you today that I will remain part of the loyal “Patriotic Resistance” and will proudly stand with you throughout 2022 and beyond against the Biden-Schumer-Pelosi Democrats and their drive to undo your accomplishments and transform America into a tyrannical socialist state.


Thanks for signing the World's Largest Thank You to Trump!

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