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Pass the “Stop CRT Act”

H.R. 3179 in the U.S. House

S. 2346 in the U.S. Senate


TO: Members of the United States Congress


I, a taxpayer and constituent of yours, do hereby urge you to Co-Sponsor and vote “YES” on the “Stop CRT Act” now introduced in both the House and the Senate.  This bill will prevent Joe Biden’s Department of Education from spending my tax dollars on “education grants” to schools that promote, teach, and/or embrace Critical Race Theory (CRT).


CRT is nothing more than racist, divisive, hate-filled, lie-infested, neo-Marxist propaganda designed to brainwash our children and grandchildren into hating their country, their heritage, their history and, in the case of white children, even their own skin color.


CRT is NOT about history.  Its whole purpose is to divide America by race in order to destroy the country and transform it into a socialist and Orwellian tyrannical nightmare.


I will be watching very closely to see how you respond to this Petition and will remember come next election whether you cosponsor and how you  vote on the “Stop CRT Act.”




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