2022 Survey on the Democrat Socialist Threat to America

1) Which of the following Biden Socialist agenda items do you fear will have a serious or very serious impact on you and/or your family? (Please check all that apply.)
2) Which of the following Socialist “values” worry and upset you the most? (Please check all that apply.)
3) Which of the following election-rigging steps do you fear the Biden-Schumer-Pelosi socialists will move quickly to enact in order to prevent Republicans from ever again taking control of the White House and/or Congress? (Please check all that apply.)
4) Many Americans believe the COVID-19 lockdowns were in large part a “test run” to see how easily Americans would be willing to surrender their constitutional rights in response to government-declared “emergencies.” Do you fear that the ease with which mainly liberal Governors and Mayors were able to control their constituents could be the beginning of the end for all our constitutional rights?
5) Do you believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are really in charge of the White House or just props for radical Obama/Clinton Deep State socialists hidden from the public?