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Dear editor:


If we have learned anything from the 2020 elections, it is that too many states have sloppy procedures that might allow fraud.  The states must reform those procedures before the next election.

The first priority should be to stop the indiscriminate mailing out of ballots.  A ballot should only be sent if it is requested by a registered voter, and the system should require that the voter provide reasonable identification. 

Furthermore, ballots should be counted only if they arrive by election day.  It may be necessary to allow a few exceptions, such as for the military, but ballots that arrive days or even weeks later should not be included in the count.

In addition, states must use voting systems with paper ballots that can be counted by hand to verify the machine scanning count.  This was essential to proving that the Georgia and Michigan counts were valid, yet a few states still lack this fundamental safeguard.

Finally, the states must devise procedures that allow observers for each party to clearly see what is being done in the vote count.  This might involve a combination of on-site observers for a general view of what is happening, plus cameras to provide a close-up of the handling of each ballot (and this should be recorded in case of dispute).

            Let’s get it right next time.




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Dear editor:


            Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Ralph Norman have performed a great public service by introducing a constitutional amendment to impose Term Limits on Congress.  Polling consistently shows overwhelming support from the American people.


            The authors of the Constitution never expected membership in Congress to become a lifetime career, and for many years that assumption was correct.  The Congressional Research Service concluded that “most lawmakers in the 18th and early 19th centuries can be characterized as ‘citizen legislators,’ holding full-time non-political employment and serving in Congress on a part-time basis for a short number of years.”


            Today  most Senators and Representatives stay as long as they can be reelected, or until they have become so powerful that a lobbying firm makes them a generous offer.


The longer Congressmen stay, the more they adopt the Washington point of view – that Big Government is good, that government should provide special advantages for special interests, and that the greatest sins are to reduce government spending and to provide equal treatment for all.


            Term limits would put an end to the professional congressman who serves for decades. It would break up the networks of long-serving Congressmen and lobbyists.


Without term limits it is unlikely we will ever return to the citizen legislature that was a foundation of the government established by the Founders.



Election Integrty SL
Term Limits SL
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