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Who Let the Waukesha Murderer Out of Jail?

Last night, an unimaginable horror visited Waukesha, WI as a red SUV plowed into a parade, striking children and adults alike. At least five people are dead per the latest reports. The purported assailant has been identified as Darrell E. Brooks, a “rapper” with a long history of criminal conduct.

A look at Brooks’ criminal record is eye-opening and includes counts related to domestic and sexual abuse. Videos on his social media also point to him having black nationalist views, including promoting the “revolution.” (Note: The below tweet is part of a thread featuring numerous social media posts purporting to be by Brooks — not all of the videos included are of Brooks himself.)

When Brooks was identified, the immediate question became how someone who was charged with multiple felonies, including with domestic abuse assessments, was let out of jail on just a $1,000 bond two days prior. The answer to that question is becoming clearer as we learn about the prosecutor’s office that handled those cases.

Apparently, ADA John Chisholm, whose office handled Brooks’ latest bout with the law, is a big proponent of far-left, activist DA George Gascon. RedState has covered the repercussions of Gascon’s awful, crime-promoting policies in the past. Chisholm is also a big promoter of cash bail, sometimes called “bail reform,” which has routinely put violent criminals back on the streets to commit more crimes in major cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

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