What's the Real Purpose of the Sunday Newsmaker Shows?

Updated: Jul 27

You've watched them. "Meet the Press." "Face the Nation." And the others. And you've probably shouted at your TV screen at the blatant lies and bias they churn out every week.

But these aren't just talk shows altruistically discussing the week's issues for the pleasure of concerned citizens. They serve a very specific purpose, one that justifies in the network's mind their paltry ratings, when they could earn more running cartoons and movies. "Meet the Press" gets only 2.9 million viewers at present, which isn't even one percent of the population. Scratch 'ratings' off your list of why these shows have existed through the decades.

Look at the shows this way. They are the modern equivalent of how the Kremlin in the days of the Soviet Union would instruct their government and their foreign stooges with the 'party line' or 'general line' of what to think, say and do--the orders and propaganda necessary in their mind to perpetuate their rule.

These shows serve as the unofficial 'party line' for the week. The propaganda for media and politicians to repeat. Straight outta George Orwell's "1984."

If you think about it, you'll hear many talking points and arguments presented that you'll hear and read over and again and often word-for-word for the next week.

The hateful rhetoric the media uses in describing conservatives, President Trump and traditional American values are often first rolled out and legitimized on the Sunday shows. The same goes for their rhetoric in defense of their own leaders and policies.

These few shows anoint who are the heroes and enemies of their media-government empire. So they give tons of air time to Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and other 'never-Trumpers,' and as Biden's popularity continues to plunge to never-before-seen levels, they are giving more time to the Democrat party's possible alternatives if President Biden and Vice President Harris don't run in 2024. Sure, they will have token conservatives on to claim fairness, but they'll ask only hostile questions instead of the loving questions they ask of their favored statists.

Behind the questions the hosts ask their guests are skilled propagandist writers, who craft the messages and words to defend socialist-anti-American policies and politicians, and how to twist the public's mind against pro-American conservatives. They may use focus groups, polling data and teams of propaganda experts to create supposedly compelling narratives and code words designed to trigger certain good or bad emotions. It's manipulation. In fact, because the left uses 'projection' to coverup the facts -- they blame us for exactly what they do, you can spot their true agenda. Their mastery of manipulating information is why some of the presidential debates use moderators from these shows.

The shows also interfere in our elections by opposing ballot integrity measures, and one appearance by a favored candidate could be worth a million bucks in establishing their legitimacy. Following their appearance, such anointed candidates may gain massive local media attention as well as fundraising successes.

Who advertises on these low-ratings shows? How about America's largest corporations, often those who profit from sending our jobs to China, from illegal immigration driving down wages here, from subsidies, and of course from giant government contracts. You probably can't afford an airplane or weapons system from some of their advertisers, so their purpose in advertising is to support the official party line for the week, not to sell you a product or service.

Who watches these shows? Their desired audience really isn't average Americans like you, but the political elite, the media, commentators, members of Congress and politicians, who will then repeat, often using the exact same words, the party line for the week. Have you heard the compilations of 100% identical statements by liberal leaders and reporters on radio shows and social media? These shows are often the source.

So if you want to learn what slogans the media and politicians will say in almost-humorously identical unison for the week, tune in every Sunday for the latest 'party line,' then laugh as you hear their lies repeated like robots by media and politicians.

You may find you won't want to shout at the TV as much once you understand the purpose of the shows is to get the media and politicians all mouthing the identical media-government party line. If you think about it, that the left must run these shows to instruct the left how to speak about the item of the week, it's actually sort of funny.

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