UN COP Luxury "Climate Confab:" More CO2 Used than All Scotland

This is the hilarious hypocrisy of the global warming theory enforcers. "More CO2 than Scots pump out in a year; COP26 - world leaders will emit 13,000 tonnes of 'global warming' gas on way to 'climate' summit: 400 private jets to land in Scotland as VIPs preach about the environment."

Yes, while these world leaders want YOU to give up your car, your single-family home and take slow trains instead of flying, they live the life of the ultra-rich, with private jets, limos and sumptuous cuisine at their luxury retreat.

Oh, guess who's not there? China. The number one polluter on the planet, which keeps building coal-fired power plants--they are exempt from ruinous energy dictates that would in Obama's words, "necessarily skyrocket" energy prices for Americans and the free world.

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