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Ukraine Is Paying The Price For Biden's Demonstrated Weakness

President Biden’s demonstrated weakness encouraged Russia to invade Ukraine. Putin saw how incompetently Biden handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan, ignoring military leaders and turning it into a disaster. He knows that Biden has been unwilling to protect America’s border or to build up our military strength.

Now Ukraine is paying the price, and Taiwan might be next.

What does this mean for you and me?

The United States was importing about 700,000 barrels of oil per day from Russia. Gas prices had been high and rising for months, thanks to Biden’s anti-energy policies, as he tried to appease the extremists advocating the Green New Deal.

Before Biden, we had achieved energy independence and could look forward to producing a surplus so that other nations would not be dependent on Russia. Our energy future looked bright.

Biden changed all that, and the longer he continues, the worse our future will be. He is even talking about buying oil from Venezuela.

It is vital that Biden reverse course – right now! He needs to put the emphasis on energy production, with oil and natural gas given high priority for immediate action. Biden should tell the Green New Dealers to get lost.

Let’s regain our energy independence and supply the world.

Please sign our petition to President Biden, telling him to put energy independence first and stop handcuffing the oil industry!

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