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The Conservative Caucus: “Trump says, ‘Mother Theresa couldn’t beat this charge,’ and we totally agree!”

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Media Contact: Mark Vargas, 202-878-1715                                

(Washington, DC) – On Wednesday, The Conservative Caucus – the leading grassroots conservative network in the country, issued a statement as the jury begins deliberations on 34 felony counts in New York v. Trump.


“Most Americans haven’t quite processed this yet, but today is the most consequential day in American history,” said Jim Pfaff, President of The Conservative Caucus“In New York City, what should strictly be a matter of law is instead a political operation run entirely by Democrats, major Democrat donors, and members of the prosecution team that served in the Biden administration. Even the judge has a personal financial interest in this trial and is working to get the outcome Democrats desire.”


“This is more serious than Americans yet know,” warned Pfaff. “Today’s Democrats would prosecute and convict Mother Theresa or Abraham Lincoln. If there is a guilty verdict today that affects the November election, we will have the first instance in our nation's history where the political class determined who our elected president will be. This isn’t supposed to happen in American. This is what happens in some Latin American countries and places like Africa.”


The mission of The Conservative Caucus is to create a grassroots conservative network, uniting people of widely varying backgrounds in peaceable defense of our country, our Constitution, and our common values rooted in liberty and equal rights.


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