The Left's Circular Firing Squad

Updated: Jun 21

It can be easy to believe the radical socialist Left has few problems.

After all, they get 100% loving media coverage and they bully millions in corporate donations as well as receive government contracts and grants. They get invited to the White House and pose with celebrities. Some of them live in mansions, have armed private security and send their kids to the finest private schools.

We conservatives can sometimes get discouraged, but do remember that the other side has their problems too.

Their wokeness disgusts Americans. But it also spawns circular firing squads within their radical organizations, with extremist staff who only know and enjoy protests, violence, division, hatred, jealousy and hurling childish insults fighting the often-outnumbered staff that are professional, civil and result oriented. Yes, they call each other racists and probably all the childish names they use on us conservatives.

As a result, their infighting reduces their effectiveness.

Grab the popcorn and enjoy this report!

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