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The Climate Emergency

Are you a “Climate Criminal?”

You would be under President Biden’s planned “Climate Lockdown Emergency.”

Stop laughing, because this could be one of the most serious threats to our freedom and the Constitution.

Biden’s White House is seriously considering declaring a ‘national climate emergency’ to unlock federal powers and halt new oil production, according to a Bloomberg report.

But it could go much further. 

Remember the Covid lockdowns? Mask mandates, vaccinations or lose your job, can’t eat out or go to the gym, schools closed and censorship of any objections?

They even locked down houses of worship while anti-Trump demonstrations were declared safe. We all breathed a huge sigh of relief when those unconstitutional dictates were lifted, and slowly, life returned to normal.

But don’t think something like it won’t come back under a new name. Biden and the Democrats need this to get their radicals excited enough to vote.

Oh, you wouldn’t be locked at home, but driving could be rationed. Your thermostat controlled. Flights restricted. You might be forced to have a ‘carbon passport app’ that tracks purchases and travel, and blocks purchases if you consume too much. That’s the dream of extremist Democrats.

Let’s analyze how this works psychologically for a moment. It’s all about creating the guilt trip. You were ‘killing grandma’ if you didn’t wear a useless mask or went to church. If you told the real facts on social media you’d get censored. You didn’t feel safe speaking out at work. For a couple years, this was our daily life. 

To create the controlled society they desire, the Democrats are desperate to invent a new reason to make us all guilty of something.

You are now a ‘climate criminal.’ Didn’t you know?

If you drive your car rather than bike or walk, you are killing the earth. Eat meat, not bugs and tofu and you are killing the poor and the elderly. Your gas stove and furnace will kill the polar bears. Your flight to visit to your family will cause catastrophic sea level rise. Your thermostat is a global warming weapon. If you haven’t heard this propaganda, you will if Biden signs the declaration.

This isn‘t a ‘right wing conspiracy theory.’ Bloomberg reported that the “White House renews internal talks on invoking climate emergency; youth activists push Biden for move ahead of November election.” CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Chicago Tribune, and other left wing media covered it. 

Senator Schumer understands the extreme powers the president would wield: “He can do many, many things under the emergency powers of the president … that he could do without legislation.”

The Brennan Center has identified 148 statutory powers that may become available to the president upon declaration of a national emergency. Those would be a superhighway to an eco-dictatorship without even a vote by Congress.

Note that Biden won’t lock you down--this year. If he pulls the trigger to declare the climate emergency before the election, it’ll be confined to cutting US energy production and raising our energy prices. And perhaps to push for more insecure voting methods to save you from driving your evil car to vote.

But if Biden wins reelection, those wartime powers could be used to create the eco-dictatorship that the extremist Democrats have long been lobbying for.

 Dictators can seize power at the point of a gun. But far better is to use fear and guilt to make you succumb—without realizing your rights are being stolen.

After all, it worked with Covid. And Democrats repeat what “works.” Whether it’s destroying voting integrity to help them win or making you too terrified to take off your mask, if they get away with it once, they’ll use that weapon again and again. Far too many Americans complied out of fear.

What can you do?

Watch for any news on the climate emergency declaration; public awareness is the first step. Then warn others through your family, friends and social media. 

Biden’s minders need the climate declaration to energize Democrat radicals to vote—the ones who cause riots and blockade campuses and roads. But if they see it could hurt his reelection chances, they may halt the plans. If President Trump is reelected, he can cancel it, so your efforts to help reelect Trump and elect conservative majorities in the House and Senate will help block a climate lockdown.

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