Thank You! Your Efforts Killed Reconciliation (Build Back Bankrupt)!

Today on Fox News, Senator Joe Manchin delivered a final and blanket "NO" on the $4.9 trillion Biden/Pelosi/Schumer "Build Back Bankrupt" socialist mandate and spending bill.

Your phone calls and emails to Manchin's office, your calls to radio talk shows, your alerting neighbors, family and social media friends to call as well--these all helped Senator Manchin really understand that in spite of excruciating pressure, promises and threats from President Biden, the bill would destroy family incomes through more inflation, and the socialist mandates would lead us to a terrible socialist/Chinese-style future. For those from other states, your calls to your members of Congress helped give Senator Manchin not just a 'backbone' of support within West Virginia, but a groundswell of support from Americans across our nation.

Pass the word and celebrate this victory!

Remember though that Biden and the liberals won't give up. Many parts of this bill may be introduced into other bills over the next few years. Eternal vigilance and your willingness to continue fighting back is how we'll save America. So thank you and let's keep up the fight as long as there are threats to our liberties and the American way of life.

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