States CAN Engage in War to Stop Invasion - Constitution

States have the Constitutional right to engage in war if the federal government refuses to stop a border invasion of millions of illegals.

Article 1, Section 10: "No State shall, without Consent of Congress ... engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay."

This could mean states such as Texas and Arizona arresting and returning illegals, building the wall even if President Biden objects and refuses to control the border, deporting illegals dumped far inland, negotiating with Mexico for individual "stay in Mexico" policies.

Our Founding Fathers studied history so they would not repeat the mistakes of previous governments that ended in ruin or tyranny, and they even foresaw the possibility that the national government might not be able to react in time to stop an invasion, and while they would cry today if they learned a future president would actually refuse to control and defend our borders, their foresight then offers a present day remedy to stop today's invasion.

Please contact your governor and state legislators, urging them to stop the invasion as the Constitution provides per Article 1, Section 10, and Article 4 Section 4: "The United States shall protect each (state) against Invasion."

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