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Sen. Sinema & Sen. Mark Kelly on the border: 'This is a crisis...we all know it'

Let's keep the calls going to Senators Sinema (NM) and Kelly (AZ) to ramp up their opposition to the open border humanitarian crisis. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema gave an interview to a radio show yesterday in which she was critical of the Biden administration’s response to the border crisis. “The reality is that this is a crisis,” Sinema said. She continued, “We all know it and the federal government must do more to address this surge of migrants who are coming to the border with increasing numbers each year.”

Sen. Mark Kelly has also been critical of the Biden administration response to the border crisis. In response to Biden’s speech before Congress last week, Kelly said he hadn’t heard a plan to deal with what was happening at the border.

Finally, I wanted to point out one more thing I saw yesterday. Rep. Henry Cuellar, who is a House supporter of the Bipartisan Border Solutions Act, poured some cold water on the Biden Administration’s claims about reducing the number of kids in CBP custody:

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