Sen. Manchin Opposes Vaccination Mandates

"Yes, I'll vote to end Biden's private-sector vaccine mandate."

"Rather than simply defunding the mandate for employers with more than 100 workers,Senator Joe Manchin co-sponsored a bill that would cancel the mandate entirely. All of the Republicans in the Senate are supporting a measure based on the Congressional Review Act that would put an end to the executive order, so with Manchin’s support, it will probably come up for a vote next week. But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen, of course. (The Hill)

“Let me be clear, I do not support any government vaccine mandate on private businesses. That’s why I have cosponsored and will strongly support a bill to overturn the federal government vaccine mandate for private businesses,” Manchin said in a statement.

“I have long said we should incentivize, not penalize, private employers whose responsibility it is to protect their employees from COVID-19,” he added."

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