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TCC’s Response to the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Presidential Immunity

by TCC Chairman of the Board - Mr. Peter J. Thomas

You’ve read the news that the U.S. Supreme Court handed President Trump—and the very office of our constitutional presidency--a major victory by ruling that a president has immunity for official acts performed during his service.

Today’s U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on presidential immunity is a victory for ‘We the People.’ In the U.S., Presidents are elected, not “selected” and today’s ruling sends a message to corrupt prosecutors who are intent on destroying our Constitution to take out a political enemy on the basis of made up crimes. Taking away a president’s immunity is dangerous for our country and destroys the presidency altogether. 

Since that moment in 2015 when Donald Trump descended the escalator to announce his campaign for President, the powers that be in Washington have literally sought to destroy him. From the Russia Hoax; the Ukraine hoax; the Muller witch hunt investigation; two impeachments; the recent lawfare over false January 6 claims; classified documents, and legitimate challenges to blatant election interference examples – the attacks on President Trump over the last 9 years is unprecedented. 

The attacks also reveal the depth of corruption in government and the willingness of deep-state actors to abuse their powers to harass a political opponent – that until now, has only been seen in Third World countries.

The ruling also offers President Trump a possible avenue to end the Jack Smith prosecution. Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in his Concurrence that “if there is no law establishing the office that the [Smith] Special Counsel occupies, then he cannot proceed with this prosecution. A private citizen cannot criminally prosecute anyone, let alone a former President.” The ruling might even aid the separate prosecutions by Alvin Bragg and Fani Willis. 

In response to the ruling, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(AOC) stated her intention to file articles of impeachment against members of the Supreme Court. This would be an assault on the independence of the court, and a red-flag warning that if Democrats win this year, they will pack the Supreme and lower courts with radical majorities. Such court rulings could make many of our liberties ‘unconstitutional,’ and make ‘constitutional’ their socialist transformation of America.

To assure we can win, I urge all Americans to register ten or more people to vote before state deadlines, and make sure they vote early. If one million each register ten, we can win many states even with possible cheating.


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