Rep. Stephanie Murphy opposes Biden’s budget as drafted.

Thanks to people like you calling Congress, U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy, one of the most influential moderate Democrats in the House, announced Wednesday she cannot support President Joe Biden‘s cornerstone $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act as it is now written. 'There are spending and tax provisions that give me pause.' Murphy, of Winter Park FL, said in a news release issued late Wednesday that she liked much of the bill, including the “historic provisions to combat the existential threat of climate change.” But, she added, “there are spending and tax provisions that give me pause.” She did not offer specifics in the news release. “And so I cannot vote for the bill at this early stage. As this process moves forward, I remain optimistic that the comprehensive reconciliation package will be appropriately targeted and fiscally responsible — paid for by tax provisions that promote fairness but do not hurt working families,” Murphy stated in the release. Murphy is co-chair of the Blue Dog Coalition, a caucus of Democrats who are generally conservative on fiscal issues. She has used that position and her growing influence before to try to force negotiations with House leadership and the White House.

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