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Rein In The Powerful Elites That Have Overstayed Their Welcome In DC!

As conservatives, we tend to be Constitutional purists. Our founding fathers proved to be fair, forward-thinking visionaries. However, the career politicians that reside in Congress today have forsaken their constituents for financial gain and favors, veering far from the framers’ intent for a citizen-centric Congress. We at the Conservative Caucus believe it’s time for term limits to effectively rein in the powerful elites that have overstayed their welcome in DC. Fortunately, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Representative Ralph Norman (R-SC) have proposed legislation to change the Constitution with the 28th Amendment that would establish term limits for Congress, allowing Senators to serve no more than two terms and Representatives no more than three terms. The Conservative Caucus supports this legislation and we urge you to join us in supporting Americans for Term Limits (ATL), a grass-roots bi-partisan effort to generate awareness of the Cruz-Norman resolution and create a firestorm of voter support for change in Washington. There are far too many elected officials, from both parties, that have remained in office for decades, securing a position in a system that perpetuates greed, power, and influence. The celebrity-like status that some party leaders possess has created a chasm between the Washington elite and American voters that is dangerously close to plutocracy, not our beloved democracy.

Click here to see a list of the worst offenders

A firestorm of voter demand for Term Limits has to be generated and ATL is launching an aggressive public awareness campaign to garner one million signatures on a petition supporting the amendment and to educate and inspire votes to rally effectual change. Their success depends on support from Americans like you. ATL needs your help today in the fight to recalibrate the balance of power in Washington. It’s time for a chance and here’s how you can help! Please sign their petition demanding Congress to act to amend the Constitution and adopt Term Limits by clicking the image below!

Please consider helping Americans for Term Limits by making a contribution.


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