Pray for Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer

Justice Breyer is in excellent health and is refusing pleas from the radical left to step down to allow President Biden to nominate a far-left enemy of our Constitutional republic.

This Wall Street Journal piece by Daniel Henninger hints that Breyer will hold on to his seat to avoid a radical leftist tearing apart the court. Perhaps he will even wait till a Republican president can nominate a strong supporter of our Constitution. So it's a good idea to pray for his continued good health, sound judgement, and courage to hold off the leftist bullies.

From the article: "Here’s a guess: If Justice Breyer thought Mr. Biden would nominate someone holding his views of the high court’s role, he would consider stepping down. From what we’ve seen so far of Mr. Biden’s presidency, the likelihood of extending Justice Breyer’s pragmatic liberalism is zero. Mr. Biden’s Supreme Court nominee will be closer to the ideology of the Squad, Congress’s minicaucus of left-of-left activists."

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