Oregon Now Won't Teach Reading, Writing, Math Proficiency.

A high school diploma is now worthless in Oregon. The governor signed a bill suspending math, reading and writing proficiency requirements for high school graduates.

They'll teach kids to hate themselves for their skin color and gender, and be told they are a permanent oppressor or victim due to the pigment of their skin. They're taught to hate our country and founders, hate others on superficial traits, be required to invent pronouns, be told the planet is melting and they are to blame, and be able to quote Marx.

But they won't be able to read, write or do math. The bigotry of low expectations.

What is the purpose of schools? It used to be to teach students how to think and skills to be successful in life. Now it's just teaching students WHAT to think. Welcome to 1984.

Meanwhile China teaches students to be engineers and warriors and punishes students who get infected with U.S. propaganda as above. Guess who wins the 21st century? Sad.


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