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No Need for January 6 Commission

TCC Chairman Peter Thomas sent this letter to the editor to newspapers across the U.S.

Dear editor:

Liberals are complaining about the failure of Congress to set up a commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Listening to them, one would think that nothing is being done.

In fact, law enforcement agencies are thoroughly and effectively investigating what happened that day, and have filed charges against many of those involved.

Furthermore, Congressional committees are carrying out their own investigations.

So why do the liberals want to add one more investigation? It seems to be caused by their disappointment that the investigations already underway show that the January 6 attack was carried out by a small number of extremists who planned the event well in advance.

These facts contradict the liberal claim that President Trump “incited” the attack by his speech. Of course, Trump specifically called for a peaceful protest, and nearly all the tens of thousands in attendance followed his instructions. Had it not been for the few extremists whose plans were made before Trump began to speak, we would not even remember January 6.

The liberals want to gain a new platform from which to attack Donald Trump, regardless of the facts. They are counting on their friends in the media to spread their false claims.

We do not need more false and divisive rhetoric. Let law enforcement and the Congressional committees do their work.


Peter J. Thomas


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