Life Wins. TCC's Statement on Roe v. Wade

Statement By The Conservative Caucus

Life wins. Today the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the infamous decision that falsely claimed to have found a right to abortion in the U.S. Constitution.

For half a century, legal scholars across the political spectrum have called Roe nonsensical. There is simply nothing in the Constitution about abortion, they noted correctly. Supporters of Roe long ago gave up on arguing otherwise, and have been reduced to arguing that it could not be overturned because it is precedent – that, once a mistake is made by the Court, that mistake can’t be corrected.

“What nonsense!” noted Peter J. Thomas, chairman of The Conservative Caucus. “Under the argument put forth by Roe supporters – the idea that the Court can’t overrule its own errors – criminal defendants could be denied state-funded legal representation, newspaper editors could be arrested for advocating resistance to the draft, people could be wiretapped without a warrant, and schools could be segregated by ‘race.’ African-Americans could be denied all rights, under the arguments made by Roe supporters.”

Thomas noted: “Since the Roe decision, more than 63 million babies have been killed by abortions. An estimated 20 million of the victims were African-Americans.”

“The Justices showed remarkable courage in the face of illegal protests at their homes and other efforts to intimidate them, fueled by a Biden administration that refused to prosecute – in fact, that encouraged – these actions, and by a Senate Majority Leader who personally threatened Justices. Not surprisingly, a would-be assassin was inspired to make an attempt on one member of the Court and his family.”

“I weep today for the millions of lives lost to abortion,” he said, “but I am filled with joy that millions of babies may now be allowed to live. This is thanks to the courage of the Supreme Court in standing up for the law.”


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