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Kill the Filibuster Timeline

Yesterday 1/18

Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-isconnectedLogic) was finally able to get on – after missing his MLK Day goal – this half-baked, hyper partisan federal election power grab bill now named Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act (H.R.5746).

There were no votes, but some prattling speeches were offered by Democrats, including some gibberish by Oregon Sen Jeff Merkley, and Sen Elizabeth Warren(!!) – does anyone dare to ever call her Liz? – started message testing some ’24 rhetoric for over an hour. Wellness checks continue on floor staff to make sure they can report to work today following the Warren . . .presentation.

The current Democratic Leader also filed cloture on H.R.5746.

Today 1/19

1:00 pm is the filing deadline for all 1st degree amendments to H.R.5746, 5:30 pm the filing cutoff for 2nd degree amendments.

Related, at 4:00 pm, the President of the United States will hold a press conference, capturing the interest of many – including professional cognitive experts.

Then at 6:30 pm, the Senate will proceed to a roll call vote on:

· Cloture on the motion to concur in the House amendment to the Senate amendment to H.R.5746

Following this failed vote, Chuck Schumer is going to go where he absolutely should not, and attempt to nuke the rules of the U.S. Senate.

How The Nuke Attempt MAY Unfold

Must stress ‘may unfold’ – this is the Schumer senate – where we had a six (6) hour+ roll call vote last Thursday and a record setting eleven hour and 50-something minute vote last March. This is the read of what may happen, based on what we’ve all read in the media:

· Following the failed cloture vote, Sen Schumer will move to reconsider the vote (normal)

· He will then offer a point-of-order to the presiding officer – presumably VP Harris - that speeches should be limited to two (2) each per Senator during the consideration of H.R. 5746

· It is expected that the ruling of the Chair will be ‘not well taken’ or something similar, based upon current Sensate rules and precedent

· In other words, Schumer will be denied

· The Senate Majority Leader will then unconscionably move to destroy the Senate and move to appeal the ruling of the Chair

· Schumer’s expected motion will be to create a new rule & precedent to cut off debate at a simple majority through this two speech scheme

· A roll call vote will take place and Democrats will again fail

Again, we are not entirely sure how this Schumer caper will play out -- and we are going to win -- but make no mistake: Any Senate Majority Leader taking the nuclear path on the Senate legislative filibuster is setting a terrible symbolic precedent.

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