Horrific Murder by Illegal who Posed as Child

A 24-year-old Honduran illegal immigrant who slipped across the U.S. border months ago as an unaccompanied minor has been charged with the vicious stabbing death of a Florida father of four.

Yery Noel Medina Ulloa was arrested on Oct. 7 in Jacksonville, Florida, according to the New York Post. He was drenched in blood after allegedly murdering Francisco Javier Cuellar, 46. Cuellar had taken in Ulloa who told authorities he was 17.

Police followed the trail of blood to the victim’s home where they found Ulloa and took him into custody. He was placed in a juvenile detention facility. On Oct. 13 the authorities finally determined that he was actually 24-years-old. He had fooled border authorities in Texas months earlier when he claimed to be a teenager named Reynel Alexander Hernandez.

After that, Cuellar volunteered to take Ulloa to his home where his family resides in Florida. It’s unclear exactly how Ulloa got to Florida from Texas but the Biden administration reportedly conducted secret flights to resettle underage immigrants and there were flights scheduled from Texas to Jacksonville.

“This horrific crime is the latest example of how unfettered illegal migration costs Floridians’ lives,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office told the New York Post. “If not for the Biden Administration’s unlawful ‘catch and release’ policy, Mr. Cuellar would still be alive today,” the office posited. “Governor DeSantis is committed to doing everything in his power to keep Floridians safe. But as long as the Biden Administration persists in refusing to enforce our country’s immigration laws, Americans are at needless risk. How many more lives will be lost before the Biden Administration decides to uphold the law?”

Ulloa was found wandering around by a lake covered in blood. The trail led back to Cuellar’s living room according to the arrest warrant. The evidence against Ulloa is pretty damning since he was caught on private security footage “stabbing the victim numerous times and repeatedly hitting him with a chair.”

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