Help STOP H.R.1

Now we know how far the liberals are willing to go to allow fraud in our elections.

The Texas legislature was about to pass much-needed legislation tightening their voting procedures to prevent fraud. The votes were there to pass it.

But dozens of Democrats fled the state to prevent a quorum, leaving the legislature unable to act.

Instead of staying in Texas and doing their job, they came to Washington to lobby for HR 1, the bill that would throw our elections wide-open to fraud.

You know about HR 1. It would prevent the use of voter ID, make it nearly impossible to clean the voter lists, and force the expansion of voting by mail.

What could be better proof that the Left wants our elections to be vulnerable to fraud?

The good news is that we are winning the battle, so far. States such as Georgia, Florida, and Arizona have passed laws to protect the integrity of our elections. Other states are getting ready to debate such laws.

And HR 1, although it passed the House, has so far been blocked in the Senate.

But we cannot take anything for granted. The Texas incident shows how desperate and determined the Left is to undermine our elections. They are already writing new bills that they will present as a “compromise”.

We must keep up the pressure on Congress to stop HR 1 and any similar bill that may come up for a vote.

Please contact both of your US Senators and tell them to protect our elections.

You can call the Capitol switchboard (202-224-3121) or click here to find your two senators and send them an email.

Please contact them right away.

And please forward this email to friends so that they can also be help us stop Pelosi and Schumer.

It’s up to us. The time for action is right now.

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