Help Stop Election Fraud

We are just weeks to the start of early voting and election day, and the polls are showing we will likely win the House and maybe the Senate.

It's easy to get overconfident, to not feel the need to work your precinct and convince family and friends to vote for a conservative Congress and local races. And when there's overconfidence, it's easy to have a busy day at work and not be able to find an easy way to get to the polls.

That's what Biden and his candidates are counting on!

And get this. In a close race, voter fraud can more easily succeed.

So how can you make a difference?

  1. Act like we are losing by 5 points and work hard to get all your family, friends, social media followers, coworkers, fellow parishioners and anyone else you have influence with to register to vote and then to vote. You need that kind of passion to help conservative candidates win.

  2. Encourage people to vote early or by mail if available in your area.

  3. Contact your local party to make calls or knock on doors. These days, they give you an app for your phone so you can make calls without using your phone number and from home or anywhere. The old phone banks have largely been replaced with the apps. And the same apps will give you a map of neighborhoods where you can knock on doors.

  4. If you live in a state where 'ballot harvesting' is legal, join the crowd, because the radical left can win on this alone. Go to neighbors, senior centers, etc. to collect their mail-in ballots.

  5. Personally visit the elderly. Instruct them how to register and vote.

  6. Volunteer with your local party to drive people to the polls.

  7. Before election day, remind everyone to vote.

  8. Contact your local party about becoming an election observer, to make sure the balloting and counting are honest.

  9. Get out and vote and take ten friends with you!

Voter fraud, apathy or overconfidence can all change a race. The above steps will help make sure we get enough conservatives to the polls to overcome these threats.

Pass the word and share this! Thank you very much.

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