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GOP Govs Bust Sanctuary Cities!

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

The governors of Florida, Arizona and Texas are making sanctuary city and state leaders feel the pain of the massive illegal immigration invasion that they profess to love.

This is a brilliant use of the "Rules for Radicals" author and pro-Communist tactician Saul Alinsky's "Rule 4:" “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

These governors are fighting back at the millions of illegals swamping their social services and committing crimes by busing or flying illegals to the cities and states that profess to love illegal immigration.

But when the bus and planes unload illegals in New York City, Chicago, Washington DC and other cities, their mayors are protesting that they are receiving thousands of illegals. As sanctuary city mayors who refuse to enforce federal immigration law, they should be eager to welcome them--and encourage more to come.

This week, illegals were let off their bus in front of Vice President Kamala Harris' residence in Washington, DC, and in the liberal elite's summer homes in Martha's Vineyard--a home to former President Obama. Why at Kamala Harris' residence? Because the Vice President refuses to visit the border. And the liberal residents in that wealthy neighborhood will be horrified to have illegals in their neighborhood. "Illegals for thee, but not for me," they might think.

Here's part of the brilliance of this tactic. Each time buses and planes arrive with more illegals, the mayors call news conferences denouncing the arrival of illegals, and the media which ignores the tragedy of the open border, does cover the liberal tears in these sanctuary cities.

So, they undermine the 'party line' rhetoric that there's nothing wrong with illegals arriving by the millions, that they won't commit crimes, bring in foreign diseases, and overload social services. They are effectively declaring that illegals have no place in their cities. With each news conference and each quote, these radical mayors are helping to convey the truth that every American instinctively knows.

And if they are afraid of a few thousand illegals, how do they think border state mayors are coping with not thousands but hundreds of thousands and millions of illegals?

This also counters the official declarations from the White House that the border is closed and secure. After all, were that the case, there would be nobody to fill the buses and planes.

It's easy to virtue signal that you are a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. At least until you actually have to bear the burdens of the invasion of illegals you wish on border states.

As Gov. DeSantis remarked, the buses will stop when the border is secured.

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