Good and Bad News: H.R.1 Defeated, But...

The dangerous and radical H.R.1/S.1 was defeated in the Senate on a 50-50 vote in a procedural vote. The bill would be the federal takeover of our elections and the permanent enabling of voter fraud. Moderate Democrat Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin voted for it, and Manchin got a deal with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to try to pass his own 'voter-fraud-lite' bill.

The good news is that no RINO Republicans voted for the bill, and as long as the filibuster remains in place, it can't pass.

That means we have to step up our lobbying. Keep calling Manchin's and Sinema's offices, as well as your own Senators. Tell them to keep the filibuster and vote against Manchin's upcoming pro-voter fraud bill, which has many of the same fraud-enabling elements as in H.R.1/S.1.

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