"Fact-Checkers" are Actually "Fact-Blockers."

When you refer to the 'fact checkers' that rule the liberal media and social media, call them what they really are: 'fact blockers.' That's their goal; to silence conservatives and any fact or truth that counters the narratives of the far Left, the Biden administration and the other elements of the socialist 'deep state.' They censor scientific facts, any support for President Trump, and allow the social media giants to have a (fake) reason to take down posts and ban people who pass along any facts that oppose socialism.

What can you do in the face of this level of Chinese-level censorship?

  • Understand their goal and don't give up. Like in Communist China, you may have to use euphemisms and misspellings to avoid being targeted by the algorithms and often poorly-educated 3rd world censors reading what you write.

  • Don't abandon the social media giants and only use the alternatives. The giants want you to do that, because that's where, in spite of their censorship, you can still reach independents, undecided voters and even get some on the Left to question their otherwise unquestioned beliefs.

  • You can post articles and opinions to a personal website or blog and link to that in social media. The 'fact blockers' have 'black-listed' major conservative news sites, but they can't track most small sites.

  • Remember that all the big free email companies read your email, and eventually may actively start blocking the truth in emails. So consider encrypted email services and use encrypted messaging apps when communicating with friends.

  • Don't trust big tech with your data. They could brand you as a resistor to socialism and erase your data backups, censor your messages or cancel your email service. See Google's new terms of service and read between the lines for how they could or may plan to censor you: https://policies.google.com/terms?hl=en-US#toc-what-we-expect

  • Again, don't give up! We are in a fight for our liberties and the other side wants you to feel powerless and give up. Truth is the antidote to liberal lies.

From John Stossel at Townhall:

"Facebook's "fact-checkers" claim we spread "misinformation." In my new video, Tierney argues that the "people guilty of spreading misinformation are Facebook and its fact-checkers." He's right.

Facebook often censors things that should be talked about. They banned discussion of the idea of that COVID-19 escaped from a lab, only reversing course when the Biden administration did.

The fact-checkers "have a mission outside just facts," says Lomborg. "They also want you to not know stuff. That's not fact check. That's simply saying, 'We don't want to hear this opinion in the public space.' Frankly, that's terrifying ... The goal is nice ... less misinformation on the internet. But you could very well end up in a place where we only have approved facts that fit the current narrative. That would be a terrible outcome."

But that's the outcome we've got. Facebook and its censors are now the enemy of open debate.

"They're trying to suppress people whose opinions and whose evidence they don't like," concludes Tierney. "They're not fact-checkers, they're fact-blockers."

The world doesn't need fact-blockers. We need more freedom to speak, not less.

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