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DANGER: The Left Pushes Foreigners Voting

Faced with the possibility of losing the House and Senate in 2022 and the White House in 2024, the Left is pushing the idea of letting foreigners vote. Americans of all parties must rally to oppose this desperate scheme to perpetuate left wing control of our government. This is how a crazy and dangerous scheme gets 'normalized.' A few articles like this, then there would be a massive echo chamber of all the media and politicians repeating the message. then schools and universities would teach it as a new "right," followed by Constitutional amendments being introduced and pushed by the combined forces of the left.

N.Y. Times: "There Is No Good Reason You Should Have to Be a Citizen to Vote"

"Washingtonians love to complain about taxation without representation. But for me and my fellow noncitizens, it is a fact of political life that we submit to unquestioningly year after year, primary after primary, presidential election after presidential election. Nearly 15 million people living legally in the United States, most of whom contribute as much as any natural-born American to this country’s civic, cultural and economic life, don’t have a say in matters of politics and policy because we — resident foreign nationals, or “aliens” as we are sometimes called — cannot vote.

Considering the Supreme Court’s recent decision undermining voting rights, and Republicans’ efforts to suppress, redistrict and manipulate their way to electoral security, it’s time for Democrats to radically expand the electorate. Proposing federal legislation to give millions of young people and essential workers a clear road to citizenship is a good start. But there’s another measure that lawmakers both in Washington and state capitals should put in place: lifting voting restrictions on legal residents who aren’t citizens — people with green cards, people here on work visas, and those who arrived in the country as children and are still waiting for permanent papers.

Expanding the franchise in this way would give American democracy new life, restore immigrants’ trust in government and send a powerful message of inclusion to the rest of the world."

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