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Constitution Day and You

September 17 is "Constitution Day," and a day to reflect on the state of our liberties--and to teach others their importance. This year, the Constitution is under greater attack than in the past. The liberal media, social media giants, public schools, universities, workplaces and the pervasive 'woke culture' are all effectively restricting the First Amendment liberties of Americans.

We are losing our ability to freely exercise our free speech rights; we are being told what we can't say or question; and we are even being told what we must say. Conservative groups and elected officials are being silenced while liberals are immune from censorship. Many of our other Constitutional liberties are in similar danger, especially under the Biden administration.

What can YOU do? Speak out. Educate others, especially students. Don't silence yourself. Encourage others to do the same. Write letters to the editor and call talk shows. Attend school board meetings and Congressional 'town halls.' Engage people in friendly ways. Distribute copies of the Constitution. But don't give up, or think someone else will act to save our Constitution. Pass the word!

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