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Conservatives Want Term Limits for Congress

Conservatives believe that Congress is failing to do its job, and that Congressional term limits are needed to put Congress back on course.

The actions of Congress are “undermining the truly representative form of government America’s founders envisioned”, according to 88%. Term limits is seen as the solution by 68%.

When asked which issues concerned them the most, the top answers were the crisis at the Mexican border, big government spending programs, and the war on America’s police.

The poll was conducted by mail in March, April and May, with more than 20,000 responses.

The Conservative Caucus is a grassroots public policy action organization, formed in 1974. It was active in defeating the SALT II Treaty, repealing the Catastrophic Coverage Act, blocking the Clinton health-care takeover, securing the impeachment of President Clinton by the House of Representatives, stopping amnesty for illegal aliens, persuading the House of Representatives to sue President Obama regarding ObamaCare, and promoting the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

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