Conservatives United Against Biden on Illegal Aliens

Conservatives are nearly unanimous in opposition to President Biden’s reversal of President Trump’s border policies, with 98.3% saying they oppose “Biden’s decision to overturn so many of the policies of President Trump aimed at securing America’s border and enforcing US immigration law”.

The numbers were similar for the individual policies.

Halting construction of the wall 97.2% opposed

Ending “Remain in Mexico” 97.0% opposed

Resuming “catch and release” 97.4% opposed

Biden’s public statements on illegal aliens 97.4% opposed

President Trump, by contrast, was rated excellent on the immigration issue by 95.5% and good by 3.8%.

Most respondents, 99.3%, said that Biden’s motivation for opening the door to illegal immigration was to increase the future number of Democrat voters in the United States.

The poll was conducted by online during June and early July, with more than 400 responses.

The Conservative Caucus is a grassroots public policy action organization, formed in 1974. It was active in defeating the SALT II Treaty, repealing the Catastrophic Coverage Act, blocking the Clinton health-care takeover, securing the impeachment of President Clinton by the House of Representatives, stopping amnesty for illegal aliens, persuading the House of Representatives to sue President Obama regarding ObamaCare, and promoting the confirmation of Justices Kavanaugh and Barrett.

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