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Call Senate-Vote NO on Pro-Communism Nominee

Please call your Senators 202-224-3121, ask them to vote NO on Saule Omarova to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. She received the Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship at Moscow State University. She would Communize our banks, and weaponize her authority to make energy more expensive. Vote No.

This is hilarious: "In 2019, Omarova said the Soviet Union was superior in some ways to Western market economies because state control of paychecks to workers meant there was no gender pay disparity." Right--everyone got slave-type wages--equally impoverished.

Additionally, she calls to "end banking as we know it." Omarova has proposed allowing the Federal Reserve to handle consumer bank deposits, replacing private banks." Imagine outlawing private banks, and the Fed is your all-seeing and only bank. This is the Communist future if she gets confirmed by the Senate. And what does it say about President Biden that he would try to get an apparent true believer in full Soviet Communism to be in charge of our currency?

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