Call Rep. Golden - Here's His Objections to the $3.5 Trillion Socialist Bill

Please read this article, which has quotes from Maine Democrat Representative, Jared Golden, about his objections to some of the reckless spending in Biden's socialist bill. Then call his Washington, DC Office (202) 225-6306, or his Maine offices: Bangor, (207) 249-7400; Caribou, (207) 492-6009; Lewiston, (207) 241-6767.

You can mention that Rep. Golden must refuse to vote for the bill even if his objections are met, because the bill will help bankrupt our country, create even more massive inflation, and has socialist mandates like IRS reporting of your bank accounts.

Rather than just leave a message with the voice mail or receptionist, ask to speak to the "Legislative Assistant working on the reconciliation bill," because that person directly advises Rep. Golden on how to vote on this bill.

Read Golden's quotes here:

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