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Biden Wants to Take Away Your Car

The left wing has an anti-auto agenda to force Americans out of personal cars and into government mass transit, by making them too expensive or banning them altogether.

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who will lead the effort to win passage of Biden's infrastructure proposal in the House, said on Thursday that the plan that passes will have people "out of their cars with more mass transit."

Biden's infrastructure plan will "reduce automobile usage, but also we're investing in pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure" in a bid to "get at climate change," Democratic D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton said Wednesday.

Vice President Kamala Harris and Buttigieg supported an all-out ban on the sale of gas and diesel vehicles as candidates for president. Hybrid vehicles that don't need to be plugged in for charging would be covered by such a ban. California's two Democratic senators want Biden to formally set an end date for the sale of vehicles with gas or diesel engines in the U.S.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda has warned that moving toward fully electric vehicles could make vehicles unaffordable for the average person. Some consumers do not see electric cars as a viable option. A January 2021 survey shows that consumers are worried about the distance range of electric vehicles as well as long recharging times."

Call your Representative and Senators to oppose ANY efforts to make it more expensive to drive your own car. 202-224-3121.

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