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Biden to Give A Million $ Per Illegal Family

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

American families are hurting from the Biden administration's inflation, but what's Biden doing? Giving illegal alien families a million dollars. "Payments of "around $450,000 a person in compensation" could be issued to immigrants affected by Trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy in an effort "to resolve lawsuits filed on behalf of parents and children who say the government subjected them to lasting psychological trauma."

The Journal stated the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services are "considering payments that could amount to close to $1 million a family," though final payment amounts could change as some "families would likely get smaller payouts, depending on their circumstances."

The lump-sum payouts, according to some attorneys who spoke to The Wall Street Journal, could mean that illegal immigrants get more compensation from the Biden administration than some families of 9/11 victims received.

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