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Biden Pushes Open Borders and Amnesty in Congressional Address

Call your Representative and Senator at 202-224-3121 opposing amnesty in any form and supporting completing the border wall. Biden did not mention the great numbers of illegals who are Covid carriers, child traffickers, drug smugglers, possible terrorists, criminals--all of whom are not screened in any way. Often they are just put on a plane or bus to cities across America.

From President Biden's remarks at the Joint Session of Congress:

Immigration has always been essential to America. Let’s end our exhausting war over immigration.
For more than 30 years, politicians have talked about immigration reform and done nothing about it. It’s time to fix it.
On day one of my Presidency, I kept my commitment and I sent a comprehensive immigration bill to Congress. If you believe we need a secure border – pass it. If you believe in a pathway to citizenship – pass it. If you actually want to solve the problem – I have sent you a bill, now pass it.
We also have to get at the root of the problem of why people are fleeing to our southern border from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador. The violence. The corruption. The gangs. The political instability. Hunger. Hurricanes. Earthquakes.
When I was Vice President, I focused on providing the help needed to address these root causes of migration. It helped keep people in their own countries instead of being forced to leave. Our plan worked. But the last administration shut it down.
I’m restoring the program and asked Vice President Harris to lead our diplomatic efforts. I have absolute confidence she will get the job done.
Now, if Congress won’t pass my plan – let’s at least pass what we agree on. Congress needs to pass legislation this year to finally secure protection for the Dreamers – the young people who have only known America as their home.
And, permanent protections for immigrants on temporary protected status who come from countries beset by man—made and natural made violence and disaster. As well as a pathway to citizenship for farmworkers who put food on our tables.
Immigrants have done so much for America during the pandemic – as they have throughout our history. The country supports immigration reform. Congress should act.

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