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Biden complains Kyrsten Sinema is ignoring his calls. Keep up the Calls!

Grassroots activists: Thank you! Senator Sinema is hearing from her constituents who want her to vote NO on the $3.5 Trillion reconciliation bill. The Dems and radical left are also driving Sinema towards our side. Have you seen the terrible attacks on her--even following her into the bathroom? And what 'behind closed doors' threats did she get from Biden, Schumer and the hateful Left?

Sen. Sinema says she won’t negotiate publicly. But Democratic leaders say she's not negotiating in private either. Good for her! Keep up the calls (202-224-4521) and emails, and urge her to not just oppose the $3.5 trillion bill, but even any smaller version. The amount of socialist schemes in the bill that would change America forever are almost beyond count. A half-price or any compromise bill will still have the socialist schemes but just a smaller price tag.

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