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Americans' Trust in Media Dips to Second Lowest on Record

Trust in journalism plummets to record lows. But why? If a normal company got a poor trust rating, they'd want to improve their image and build a better product or service. But with the liberal media, they no longer see themselves as reporting on news--"just the facts, ma'am," content with you making up your own mind.

Today's 'journalists' long ago crossed the line from just telling you facts, to telling you what you must think. That's their crusade, and that's why they can't change. They feel their purpose is indoctrinating Americans in non-democratic socialist propaganda, and to try to stamp out any dissenting opinions and leaders. That's why CNN is losing viewers at light-speed. That's why they won't reform. And that's why they are willing to lose money to keep force-feeding people with lies and propaganda. They are the socialist revolutionaries in today's world, armed not with the guns their comrades use in the third world, but armed with fake news, ignoring or censoring good news, and distorting everything else to fit their narrative.

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