After Eliminating Cash Bail In Illinois, State Sen Carjacked

There's certain laws for a reason. Keeping violent criminals in prison pending trial is a good idea--if you want to reduce crime and create a safe society for everyone. But one of goals of the 'tear down western civilization' leftists is to immediately release violent criminals back on the street to commit more violent crimes.

Why? History proves a rule: You can't create a socialist revolution or gradual transformation in a peaceful, prosperous, united and harmonious society. You have to tear down everything good, to turn Americans against Americans, to increase crime yet outlaw self-defense, and to impoverish families through taxes, inflation, fear, and unemployment so they are totally reliant on meager handouts from the apparently caring government.

If you plot every action of the far left who are now in control of many cities, states and even the White House, you'll find parallels to how Venezuela, Cuba and so many other countries were first subverted and then enslaved.

Once in awhile, it all backfires on those who would be our overlords, as you'll read here when a Illinois state senator was violently carjacked "after completely trashing the state’s cash bond system in January of this year" to keep violent criminals on the streets.

Read the report:

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